low poly rigged 3d charater for use in unity mecanim

hi i want a low poly character (4000-6000 tris), textured and fully rigged with 30 bones max so that it works with unitys mecanim humanoid component (rigify works, but has too many bones for mobile). the character will be made from 2 photos in a T pose.

im not to sure how much a job like this costs. so if i could get price offers that would be great. repeat work is most likely.

also just to state the obvious you have to have made a model previously so that i can see the quality of your work.

PM sent.
My portfolio - http://karan.myartsonline.com/3d.htm

AWESOME work!!! 5 *


My name is Nestor Chavez and I like to introduce myself as a professional 3d modeler/Generalist. I gratuated and obtained my degree in Multimedia arts/3d Design. I have been modeling for 10 years with 5 years in the game industry. If your intrested in my services please check my portfolio at www.NestorThe3dModeler.weebly.com. Hope to hear back from you soon.

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Nestor C.
Skype: nestor_c818