Low Poly Roman (200AD-300AD) Legionary Character


I’m very new to modeling, I’ve never completed a model before on my own. I’ve watched and read several videos and topics about the importance of good topology etc, but since this is a low poly mesh I took the decision early on to allow myself to use triangles if necessary.

I followed a course on Pluralsight by Antony Ward very closely while I was creating this character. So topology for the hand, face and deforming areas are inspired by or copied from his examples.

Also this character is meant to be used in a low poly videogame (inspired by early 2000s games look) I’m creating, set in ancient rome during Diocletian’s rein (late 200AD/early 300AD). I’ll include a picture of my reference, but this character is wearing chainmail armor. He’s also wearing a gambeson underneath, and probably a tunic as well.

Things left to add: Helmet, weapon sheath.

Things I’d like to improve: The belt, the hands, the foot/shoes and maybe reduce the polygon count a bit.

Right now he’s 1062 faces, 2072 triangles.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Antony Ward Course: https://app.pluralsight.com/library/courses/low-poly-game-char-maya-silo-689/table-of-contents