Low-Poly Scene

Hi everyone i’m currently working on a low poly scene.

Please give me some tips on what else should i add, lighting, etc.

Make it lighter and change the composition. It looks rather boring right now.
I also don’t really like the brown colour for the mountain, but that’s just my color taste.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll add some more stuff and fix the lighting and composition.

yeah, I like the composition. its much better.

the lights don’t say much right now, but, …I’m sure you’ll play with those.

Good job and keep posting. :slight_smile:

Some depth of field would come in handy.

Some clouds behind the mountains would add more depth, right now your clouds are sort of framing your mountain. Maybe stretch the back mountain all the way off the frame towards the right too. One thing that’s bothering me though is the fact that the mountains near the foreground are in front of the tiny houses on the right. Mountains are enormous obviously, so I think they need to be pushed back, and maybe have more going on in the foreground :slight_smile: I think depth of field only makes low-poly pictures look like tiny models, so if that is what you are going for, DOF would certainly work, but it doesn’t appear you are going for the “model” look. :slight_smile: Cool scene though! :slight_smile: