Low poly scene

Hi folks,

After watching a couple of tutorials of Pig Art, and admiring some awesome low poly art like the made by Timothy Reynolds and others, I wanted to try my one, using our favorite tools.

I believe this kind of art is not just about simple elements but also an economy of resources.

I would add perhaps some more enviromental elements like clouds, more grass, a road to the pier and perhaps some ducks.

All comments will be appreciated, please tell me what you would change or like.

PD. Trees and rocks are adapted models of Metalix taken from blendswap. The others were modeled by me.

Thanks in advance.


Very nice! IMHO, the ground should be more brown and have some rocks in it. Otherwise I love it, and the water is awesome! :slight_smile:

This is another try following your suggestions. A low poly landscape should have few elements. Not sure if I should keep working on this one or try something else.

Nice! I would personally change the color of the underground and add some rocks there.

Looks much better!

I love it keep up the good work