Low Poly Shack and more

I’m creating some low poly stuff (I don’t know what for, just killing some time until I get the next big idea, or feel like working on some of my old projects). This is all of about 30 minutes of work (mostly texture work too). Still needs a lot of work but it’s a decent start. Any crits along the way are welcome.

To do on shack:

  • Fix the wood textures (too much of a pattern right now)
  • Clean up the stones
  • Add some vines

After the shack is done. I’m going to add some other stuff that would go well with it. Any ideas for that are welcome too :slight_smile:

Right now this is setting at 285 Tri’s so its pretty low poly (still working on it though, could lose some weight in the door and windows… wireframe will come after I reduce it even more.


That’s pretty good. Now I know that it’s your own project, but I would interested in your opinion on abouts getting a background for the shack. Do you have any plans/ideas on this stage ?

I am also working on a similar personal project except mine is designated in Roman times. For mine, I want to have trees and some rolling mountains.

I think you should stretch those plank sidings. they are too short. they seem like slabs of rock.

@Farthioner - Thanks for the advice, I think I am actually going to rotate the wood 90 degrees so they are vertical, it looks nicer :slight_smile:

@kbot - No idea as of now. I was thinking something like a backwoods kind of scene. Ya know, like this was an old shack in the woods where they made illegal moonshine :slight_smile: So probably a lot of trees haha. I’ll let ya know once I come up with something good.

it could be cool with a real old and broken wagonweel leaning up the side of the house

LOL I was going to throw a few in the scene and some barrels (everyone loves barrels). Good thinking hehe.

May not have any updates today, have a site to finish for a customer and have to make some assets for a 2d I am working on for school (FUN). Will try and get to this tomorrow though.

Oh, and also the door needs a frame.

Yeah still needs work, like I said, I spent maybe 30 minutes on this so far.

Drawing sprites now for my 2d game school project…boring!