Low Poly ship.....

(0ptikz) #1

Hey all,

This started out as a low poly spaceship, but the vert count is spiraling out of all control at the moment :smiley:

Anyhoo, this is how it looks after 4 hours of modeling:



Hopefuly, I’ll keep you updated on my prog through the night :stuck_out_tongue:

(_Aorus_) #2

Preettyy nice. The hull texture looks a bit fuzzy though and a little beveling would probably make those sharp edges look better. Looking good though!

(banana_sock) #3

reminds me a lot of the sith infiltrator from star wars. Nice work, i like the guns below the main hull.

(Bapsis) #4

WoW!!! :o

Only 4 hours work man?!?!?! I HATE you!!! hehe :wink:

But seriously, thats looking awesome, and if your past works are any indication i know this is going to be an awesome ship when your finished with it!!! Looking forward to seeing the updates!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(S68) #5


Can’t wait for the final version


(BgDM) #6

Low Poly!! I don’t see how you consider 24,000 + polys low?!?!? :wink:

Nice work though. Looks very promising.


(shibbydude) #7

No offense, the ship looks great but please modify the default outer glow from photoshop. I can’t stand to look at that postprocessing any longer. Defaults hurt my retinas!!!