Low poly shotgun challenge

Logo: http://i.imgur.com/ikB8i.jpg
Model: http://i.imgur.com/Gqcif.png
Concept: http://i.imgur.com/tcRYY.jpg
Other sides:
this is for an iOS project and I was requested to make the model under 800 polys.

I would have put a ton of more work into this before posting this in the WIP subforum.

With that being said. It also need to add more detail. Make sure you have 799 polys. I think you need to do a higher poly count version of this, bake the normals and apply it as a normal map. It also needs multiple “layers of textures”. With allot of work and dedication, you can get something that looks really good.

Yes, I think this belongs in the WIP forum.

I disagree, it’s a focused critique on what is a finished project for him. Chances are that an iOS program can not handle a normal map and multiple textures.

Giving us a wireframe render would help us look at the actual modeling.

As for the concept, holo sights with an iron sight interfering does not make sense.

My main concern is that saw tooth ribbing at the top. Man, that is eating up poly count big time; its at least 150 polys, almost 20% of 800. Other possibility of detail suffers from modeling that feature.