Low poly SKATER


Yesterday i started new concept of low poly textured model. Here is first stage after about 5 hours of modeling and texturing at once.

Acctual stage of worrk is at the bottom.

Blender 2.37a
The Gimp

hands & fingers don’t feel right. especially the right hand (one without the drink). nostrills - that’s render artifact, no? some shading weirdness on face too (or lamp placement?). but ground isn’t on par with the rest. pretty sharp stuff otherwise.

I may be biased but I really don’t like hipoly stuff, it’s good to see some wicked lowpoly.

how low poly is that?

Could well be the angle, but the shoulders look too rounded.

Below is acctual stage of corrected model. Painted textures’ll take me a bit more time than modeling.
Old one

Thanks tedi. I focused some of your notticies. All the rest is a matter of further work. Colors looks like washed out because i used transparent painted layers over original UV editor snapshoots to see the gird at 3D model. Apropos the ground … have you any sugestions?

The model consists of about 1750 faces, so sumary it’ll be circa 3500 triangles/polys. It’s not perfect, but quite good result for level of detail i’m going to get.


… why not…
BTW To get 100% GTA SA look just enough is to import cartoon shading network for hypershade you can find at highend3D.com.

I’ll upload finall *.blend and *.rib files with textures and shaders.

If anyone wants to protest against upper idea, do it fast :slight_smile:

Hi BurtS,

Very good work, would agree about the shoulders etc… but for 5 hours
work excellent.



Today i corrected a little shoulders and started painting textures with The Gimp.

Previous stage

i like it, u could make an animation, a kickflip to indi :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure :slight_smile:

wow, amazing !

As for crits;
In my eyes, that skateboard is in the overall shape to have its front and back bent a bit upwards, like this -> _____/. But not as steep (look at a picture of Tony Hawk or such. He should use one of those.)
Probably you know how they look anyways. You seem to be familiar with the skate-style as it is ^^

And you could try making the front and back a bit thinner than the rest too, as well as making the edges somewhat round (or are they round already? Might be that they are).

But it’s already darn impressive! Keep up the good work!

Thanks MrM for detailed support. I’m too late today to implement all your nottices, but it’ll help me a lot with further work and next stage.

I’m far from taking sugestions direct from THPS games because i could come to close to originall design of items included in the game and duplicate ideas of game makers by accident.

Oki doki. Current stage and some details from my simple blender workshop.
Acctual stage:



Sorry for not replying up till now.

First of all to clear things up. When I said take a look at Tony Hawk, I meant the REAL tony hawk. Not the game, just so we’d be clear on how I meant that the skateboard you got there could look. I’m not much for plagiarism either you know :wink:

Is this project part of anything big, I mean, do you actually make a living out of it? Or are you just doing it for learning purpose and for the fun of it?

One more touch with The Gimp. Next stage’ll be propably my texture test of ZBrush 2.


If you can help me to find ID Software tutorial for ZBrush 2 “Making Marine/Human character for Quake IV, Doom III e.t.c.”. It was mentioned and discussed somewhere here. I can’t find links to that resources, so if you know them you can help me a little :).


This project is a part of some bigger story i’v got inside my head. At all it’s a temporary stage of the style i’m working on… behind thousend’s of other ideas inside my mind… i wish that i have not enough time to show you all i want :(… “ORANGE” is a top of mountain hehe, bananas tutorial in ZBrush are nice too, :wink:

…oki doki … why not BAKER ? :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it is good idea to use trademarks, brand products and third party logos in own projects, so i started to model originall skate accesories separatelly for the moment.

Anyawy. I stay with The Gimp to the finall stage.

I must say that is a very stereotypic view on a 90’s skateboarder.
Anyway, Good work. It has the colours of the 90’s.