Low poly snowy pine tree model


(Koijo Tito) #1

Hi, I’m Koijo, new to both Blender and this forum.

I am working on a Christmas themed map (for GoldSrc engine), and I need a fairly low poly snow covered fir tree or pine tree. I have been watching a couple of video tutorials on this, and the generation seems reasonably easy, but couple of things - the models in tutorials are made to me high poly, and also unfortuantely I am pretty short on time between my jobs, and I would really like to finish this map before Christmas.

I was wondering whether someone would kindly have a ready model, or create one for me? As mention in title, low poly would suffice (the engine is old and can’t handle high poly models). Something akin to the trees on this page: https://3dmodelsworld.com/downloads/conifer-pine-tree-snow-3d-model/

Many thanks in advance if you are able to help me, or maybe point me to a tutorial that lets me create something as simple as those trees.


(FinalBarrage) #2




You can try one of these sites which all provide free 3D models to download. Just make sure to check what lisence they go by.