Low Poly Space Adventure

game name:

minimal product:

  • planetary gravitation
  • rocketship maneuvering
  • exiting and entering rocket to explore planets and asteroids

content:(also todo-list)

  • your mission as a rocketier: fertilize inhabitable planets
  • recreate the fertility of long forgotten and destroyed alien civilizations
  • nature will spread on its own
  • your rocket might set fire to cultivated plants and forests with horrific results


the start of your rocket from desolate planet

you next to your ship (actual character coming soon)

please tell opinion and criticize :slight_smile:

also ideas are highly appreciated!

Looks great and the concept sounds interesting. Do you have the code/logic sorted out yet?

i love the name and i like the design. even the white sky looks cool, maybe you shall keep this as an option.

ideas? maybe a tradingsystem. even a gameplay as in beyond good and evil would be interessting, where you have to take pictures of species of the planet and send them to a scientific laboratory.

The game works great, I do most of the logic in scripts.
On the rocket you can see a display which shows throttle (0 - 100%) and if engine is on/off

I have though about a “Karma-system” where your actions changes NPC behavior but dropped that idea due to complexity of NPC pathfinding on spherical planets :confused: I like your idea with the “paparazzi rocketier” :smiley:

I think I am going to concentrate on “nature-spread”, updates maybe this week

quick Galaxonaut suit update

How does it have Shadows ? Do you use Spot lights ?

But looks really cool, i like those Low Poly Games ^^

nowadays you can have shadows not only on spot lamps but also on sun lamps which is of course much more natural
-tick only shadow not diffuse or specular light
-adjust shadow range to your like

Yeah i saw that Sun now have Shadows but Spotlights still have no Shadow Casting in Blender Game Engine.

It’s hard to not like the lowpoly-look of this game. Will look even cooler with a blue sky.

Here’s my big complain: The low-res shadows removes big parts of the look, suggestion is that you crank it up until it doesn’t looks like buffer-shadows OR remove them completely.

thanks deeempa89 :slight_smile: hope you like it

Ill experiment with dynamic sky color and mist like atmosphere, or some fancy atmosphere shader.

But for the next evenings I am going to work on plants and a way to bring life to these comfortless planets ^^

I added footsteps hope you guys like it :smiley:

itś one small step for a polygon, but giant leap for polygonkind!

:smiley: Cute

Keep @ it!

Quick update… grass and herbs and mushrooms coming. green colored planet surface will have to wait until my artistic drive is over :smiley:

now nature actually spreads :slight_smile: hope you guys like it
(need to add more plants and stones but for now …)

the stile is great. maybe you shall give the galaxonaut a second view where you can see the whole planet from a distance. i would love to see the rocket on the one side of the planet and galaxo at the other side boht pointing in the opposite direction.

edit: i have attached three plants of my racinggame that might be interesting for your project. use them however you want to. in my game these plants have texture and normals so they will look different


three plants.blend (2.88 MB)

Thanks s-Markt! Ill take a look as soon as possible!

At this point it is a good opportunity to summarize what the game rocketier has become and might become in the future.

I have tested many ideas and overtime my love to physics and simple and iconic design merged into something I am personally proud of.

My current lack of coding skill has put me in a deadend where I might polish everything rocketier is right now and finish without completing the game. On the otherside working on this growing project has become a big hobby I dont want to abandon!

Now to continue this project I would need the help of the community to help me actively work on it!

If you guys have an idea how to effectivly start a common-project everyone can participate please telll!

best wishes nolzett

how a fully grown planet might look from space

Wow… Is it your game and all real-time rendered? Because, if so, it looks very impressive. Even soft shadows and real-time reflections on water. Or is this pre-rendered preview?

Yea this is looking incredible! I really would like to see some video of gameplay! Keep up the great work!!! :slight_smile: