Low-Poly Space Craft

Night Hawk

Coming in at 1768 tris this model was inspired by a cloud formation. Textures were created with both GIMP and Blender.

Aurora Class Battleship

Pushing FPS at 2952 tris this one was inspired by a crochet pattern my girlfriend was working on, a leaf pattern if I’m not mistaken. Again textures were created with GIMP and Blender.

You can grab these models from the Models section of my site, 1337 Gallery.

Edit: Oops, apparently this was inspired by a knitting pattern my girlfriend was working on, not a crochet pattern :slight_smile:

In case you were interested here are a few test shots of the Aurora and Night Hawk running in JMonkey Engine 3.0 with a shader I wrote that uses a splat map to combine different lighting models into a single shader. This way I can render each space ship as a single object rather than splitting them into two objects in order to render the glass sections with a different lighting model.

The red channel of the splat map defines areas rendered with a color set programmatically, rim lighting and a ward isometric gaussian specular reflection. The green channel of the splat map defines areas with an accent color that will be used to differentiate different player teams. The blue channel of the splat map is used to add variation to the diffuse and specular intensity of the accent color.

If you’re not familiar with JMonkey Engine 3.0 the numbers in the statistical display can be deceiving. The stat display includes itself in the statistics. So to the untrained eye it might seem as though my space ship is actually using 3 shaders, but it’s really only using one. The stat display is indicating that there is one shader used for the ship, one shader used for the semi-transparent stat display background and one shader being used for the stat display text. The stat display also accounts for extra textures and objects.

The craft itself only uses four textures. Diffuse, normal, and splat, the specular color and intensity textures have been rolled into one texture for real-time rendering where the rgb value from the pixel defines the specular color and the alpha value defines the specular intensity.

for celestia?

The fighter’s design reminds me of a bat mid-air :slight_smile:

Nope, I’m working on a turn based strategy game. At least that’s the current plan for these models, I must admit my mind does tend to change like the wind.

Interesting, being as how that one in particular was inspired by a cloud I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked like a variety of things to a variety of people. Just for kicks my Medicine Card book says that the Bat represents rebirth:

“Sacred Bat… flew to me
From the darkness of the cave.
Womb like reflections,
answers it gave.
Birth, death, rebirth
Cycles of the whole…
just eclipsed,
The journey of the soul.”

P.S. Oh yeah those are supposed to be laser cannons on the top of the Night Hawk, I thought lasers probably wouldn’t need a barrel like a traditional gun, but instead would probably use a lense.