Low Poly Superman

Good day to you all, today I present to you a low poly model of superman, based off of the cartoon version (Justice League I think). Textures are fairly basic, and I need to repaint the face and hands,

Next on my list of todo is rigging him, I’m not the most experienced rigger (read: at all) so I’m learning as I’m going; fortunately, it being a fairly simple model the rig should be fairly simple too.

Questions, comments and crits are all very welcome :slight_smile:


Click on the image for a higher res version.

I would try and work more on the clothing, right now he it doesn’t look like clothing, where are the fabrics, fold and seams? But I guess you are not aiming for a realistic look. I would suggest sculpting every part (UV-map part) of your superman seperatly so you get a good looking normal map. But painting your textures and then converting them into normal maps works just fine too, use Xnormal.

Other than that it would be helpful to see your wire.

thanks for the comment, tef, once I have finnished rigging him I’ll go back and work on the texture some more. I am aiming for a cartoony look however I agree with you that the textures are very basic :wink:

heres that wire you requested:

unfortunately I’m having some troubles with skinning the mesh to the rig. On the legs, where the bones join for the knee and ankle the mesh is, it seems, spinning and contracting. Not a good thing, I have tried to fix this with CTRL+N and CTRL+R to no avail.
Does anyone know what would be the cause and how to fix?

heres an image to illustrate:


thanks in advance

Ok. My critique would be that you should model all fingers and keep atleast 5 edges on each finger. Otherwise it will look rectangular. And you shouldn’t be intimidated by reaching atleast 2000 faces (4000 tris) for this character. 2000 tris or 4000 tris doesn’t matter that much with todays computers and since you don’t need any tricky reflections maps, alpha channels you will definetly be safe.

To save some tris I would remove the overflow you have on his arms and use them to model his fingers instead. 8 edges are default for any round shape like legs or arms. But 5 or 6 is enough for fingers.

But if you really need to keep the tris down I would suggest to round of the edges on his hands.

I’m currently working on the fingers, I have the first one and the thumb done and they look alright, just gotta do the grunt work on the rest now, then I’m going to have to re unwrap the arms and hands again.

My query about the rigging problem still stands, and any help with that issue would be very much appreciated.

Again, thanks for the input, tef, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Not related to rigging but, Supes logo should be bigger, and the forearm currently looks more flab than muscle in the front view.

EDIT: I realise you’ve alrdy rigged it, so maybe nvm the modeling side… :expressionless:

alright, finished modeling the hands, managed to add enough detail into the mesh without interfering with the rest of the model, so thats good.

heres an update, again the texture on the hands is very basic so there’s not that much to see.


and heres a wire:


cardinal4, I decided on the size of the current logo because it is a sort of medium between the various sizes you can see. If you check here and here you’ll see just how much the size varies :wink:

I am going to call it for the modelling part now, I don’t particularly want to keep on editing the mesh and have to keep on unwrapping again and again.

I really need to get onto skinning the mesh to the rig now.

thanks for the comments and keep them coming