Low-Poly-Tank for a Game

Hello All :slight_smile:

I’ am going to create two tanks for Battlefield2. The finished coded models will be freeware for the BF2-Scene.
If you know something about BF2-Coding or texturing in Max/Gmax, please contact me.

Would be great if u could post a wire frame. What is the number of polys and what is the maximum number of polys allowed for this task?

Other than that the textures could be more detailed and not as smooth looking. The lightning kind of smooths the texture which is good for renderings but not if you want to show of your texturing skills for gaming enviroments. I am not 100% sure but I don’t think game engines use area lights or any fancy lightning.

Agreed Id like to know how many polies it has as well… It honestly looks like its pretty high for a game engine. You might want to make another version minus the bells and whistles ect… and then try to bake the texture from the higher poly version to the lower. The doors for example along the right side on the top could easily be acheived with a good texture and bump mapping.

Then again it depends on what its weighing in at right now. Other then that it honestly looks great. It does need a better texturing job but I think you may have mentioned that in your post.

Hi and thanks for your answers :slight_smile:
The Model is not textured. The pictured is just a little bit gimped, because the model should look like Ingame.
For a better understanding: With “bake” you mean, that I render a textured higher-poly-version as a texture for a low-poly-version, is that right?

UPDATE: I have worked on the mesh. It has now 2160(tris/quads). Here is the new Tri-Quad-Wireframe. The complete rendered Tank still looks the same.
But I still need to reduce some more Polys, before I start with the chaines. Any Ideas?