Low Poly Train Scene *2870 Vertices*

This took longer than it should. It’s finished now though!!! Hope you like it!!!

Done in cycles, rendered at 1000 samples.

I love it :smiley: Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks a ton!!!

Brilliant Work! Love this!!!
I notice you took the grass out, why? Though I can probably relate!!! I hate how slow the render gets!!!
Did you animate this?

I LOVE this…especially without the grass. I think it added too much reality in to your low poly screen. :slight_smile: This is a Christmas Special waiting to be animated. :wink:

Nice, love the mood

Keep the grass. It mixes realism with low poly and final is amazing!

simply cool!!!

Thanks for the great replies!!! I’ve never actually animated anything decent before (ok, so I did a internal combustion engine for school…) but yeah, I was going to animate it but I made the mistake of grouping the wheels with the train object. I might try though! Thanks for the repliesssss!!!

Ok, so I made the wheels single objects, now how do I go about animating this thing?