Low Poly Trebuchet

The modeling was pretty simple on this one, but the material was my first real texturing effort. Once I rig it I may provide the model for GE users.:slight_smile: The model is 872 triangles.


The model and texture for the soldiers are not mine, they’re from EA since I made this for a game mod.

[Edit] Image re-hosted at Imageshack.

Woah! Sweet dude. Definitely cool. The main post looks a bit short but its probably just the angle. Animate it!

This may sound strange, but when I view this page I get a message that I need to log into “f**king s#!t” on uploader.polorix.com.

Would you like to explain this to me, or is it an inside joke?

i got the message too

Edit: well we shall have to wait and see when LOTRJ posts it to a different host.

But if you checked the WIP you can see its an excellent Trebuchet.
Lol, the WIP has got the same problem now, alot of people use Polorix.

Oh dear.

The reason you’re all getting that message is because polorix has been hacked, see this thread.

NOOOOO! I’ll see about re-hosting as soon as my dad gets off my computer, he’s playing ‘Return of the King’ right now and I’m posting from his computer… I keep on telling him not to die, but he doesn’t seem to want to listen, lol.:smiley:

[Edit] First post updated.

Ah nice model and very good textures. Would like to see a screenie in game when its put in or whatever.

It will most likely be a very long while before that happens, but when it does I will be sure to post!:smiley:

Looks sharp. Excellent texturing!

i really like the textures LOTRJ!

Very nice, great textures. 5 stars from me…