Low-Poly Tree Shader

Hey guys. I’m currently working on a project for educational purposes. Me and my class are new to Blender and I struggle to create a simple procedural shader for the low-poly trees.
The expected budget is 100-250$. I would provide you the .blend file with my models.
Offers please to pm or this mail: [email protected]
Post general questions here though

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HERE: https://www.blenderkit.com/articles/bark-materials/

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Cool, thanks for the reply. Thats definitely an option, however I’m kinda running out of time, and for the next time the tree shader is not the only thing i need somebody to hire for. So in the best case I would find somebody to help me with the whole project. Otherwise there would be more “jobs” coming up the next weeks

Send me a link with instructions to my pm and i will be able to give indication of the possibility of doing it on a budget.
or send the link trough my website mail: https://www.digitvisions.co.uk/

PM sent. I can help you with your project!
Thank you!
Email: [email protected]

Hello, sorry for my late reply. Due to the coronavirus outbreak there has been a lot of organisational work at the school. Are you still free/interested on the job?

Best regards

Max Scheffner

Hello Max,
I am still interested. I would like to know more details about the project along with the deadline for it.

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