Low poly tree with textures

Here is a low poly tree I made in about an hour (including tree branch texture).
Made texture using a couple of free images I got online. You can use it in a game if you want. I didn’t have time to upload a pic. sorry.
Thoughts and/or critics welcome.



it see great but you can add it normal maps it can give it a awesome aspect

Thanks for the model, I checked it out.

While I’m going to model my own trees, it can also be used to reverse engineer for people to see how to make trees.

You should make a tutorial and package it with the tree for new users.

Good job, and keep blending.


That is true, but there is already a good tutorial on making trees from the “yofrankie” project. That and the fact that I’m just lazy.:slight_smile:


This is great! Thanks you, I think I might use it. I’m going to tweak the textures a bit though :smiley:

Nice I am using this.