Low Poly Tree

here’s my first attempt at a low-poly tree…any suggestions?

mind the texture seams

and repeating [visible at the corners of your leaves]

and stretching

also, some lighting would be nice [probaby requiring more polys]

what is the vertice and decimeter count?
Nice tree anyway

its 95 faces…heres an upate…

z3r0 d how’s the seam now? also, i did’nt understand what you mean about the edge of the leaves, please explain and i’ll try to fix it :smiley:

also, i want to have some realtime shadows, but i can’t find the download for tophuu 2 (or however you spell it)…could someone please give me the link to the download?

(Sorry for the double post)

the realtime shadows are solid black, and don’t consider the opacity of a texture

also, you need a new video card [geforce 3, radeon 9500 or newer]

I heard that tuhopuu2 wasn’t being developed much anymore, but anyway you can find builds of both blender trees [bf-blender and tuhopuu2] on the testing forum in the forums on blender.org

the seam on the trunk isn’t as bad, but it stil needs work

I was talking about the corners of some parts of the meshes, a fair amount from the leaves

in your pictures it looks like there are leaves just floating in the air there, this is probably due to the texture repeating [and that you’re current view is looking at a low resolution version of the texture there due to mipmapping, you need to consider mipmapping when you uvmap things with alpha chanels like this more than you would otherwise, you need to keep your uv seams away from opaque areas if you want to keep the edge and corners transparent]

oh, I stil can’t tell if there is any lighting [is there?]

ok ,i’ll start working more on it when i get home from work. yes there is lighting. i have a geforce fx 5700 256 mb vid card, will this work? and also, with the realtime shadows, does it take int account alpha channels? (like on the leaves)

yeah, it ought to work

but, as I just said, it doesn’t care about the alpha channel of the leaves

nice Tree, Would be great if u release the .blend file with an open license to use it.