Low-poly trees

Hello, community

I think those low-poly trees could be a real alternative for Gen’s generated ones, which ususally are quite heavy and slow rendering time a lot.

After resolving the annoying alpha-shadow bug ( http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=81390 ) it seems that this method of tree-creation is good enough for fast projects.
Concerning tree modeling - i use tree[d] (gile[s] addon for tree modeling) - it’s freeware but created files could be opened only in gile[s]. Then i save it to obj file and reopen in blender.
Textures are all hand-made - my digital camera helps me a lot. The main tip is to make a picture of a small tree with a plain white background (usually cloud sky), then any editor capable of creating alpha-mask.

Here is a download of packed .blend (1.1MB):

I really think this could be usefull.

Thank you for any feedback.

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Nice work!

Which kind of license applies to your trees? Are we allowed to use your work in non-commercial context?

Great job, puh!
Great trees for landscape scenes and such.
I hope you do know that “removing doubles” with a Gen3 tree removes a LOT of vertices? And you can adjust the level of detail anyway.
I prefer to create my own trees since those of Gen3 aren’t even a single mesh.

These are pretty good. No pine tree though? Oh well. It’s neat how they are done with all those intersecting planes! it’s not exactly how you imagine the mesh for a tree. thanks

As far as licence, he said he modeled them himself, so he has the rights to them. these were not preset trees as far as I understand, so they are puh’s creation entirely.

Hey, thank you for such worm words, i really apreciate them!

You can use this in any project you like - its completly free for any use. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Charlesworth999: didn’t know about removing doubles with a Gen3, thanks for the info

BTW i found a little weird thing with these trees recently - they are not reflected in mirror - just a trunk is visible. Can anyone help me to correct this behaviour?

Thanks again.

push: it’s because leaves are not raytraced. It uses Ztransp. Check the raytracing method instead for transparency on the leaves to get reflections I guess.

I wrote a tutorial on planes trees here : http://blender-archi.ovh.org/index.php?title=Using_plane_textures_for_trees%2C_people%2C_etc…_in_still_rendering

Your trees looks good. I like the trick of tree[d]. Could it be a possibility to add them to http://blender-archi.ovh.org/ models repository ?

The images look great, puh, but I’m having trouble downloading the blend. Both firefox and opera are only getting partial downloads (about 300k) then getting download errors. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Very nice trees, I would like to use tree[d] too, but it seems, that the link http://www.frecle.net/treed/ does not exist anymore…

Could I read your tutorial? Have you placed it somewhere else, because this link doesnt work too?

Thanks for the generosity and I would really like to put them on our FreeGameArts page (see sig).

BUT, it would really be beneficial if you would release it under a standardised license, since on projects with a high number of assets from different sources (like games) it can be come quickly overwelming to deal with hundreds of different licenses (often only differing in a word or so).

I guess the “CreativeCommons Attribution” license is just what would fit your needs (and it would protect your legal rights a lot better):
But feel free to have a look at the other licenses we have on our page:

Thanks again!

Edit: Damn, this thread is already over 6 months old? Stop gravedigging!

They are available on http://blender-archi.tuxfamily.org/


Great work! I can see these being really useful in my projects!

Thank you very much, I am going to read them carefuly

Alpha Problems…
This problem passes from the version 2.46 onwards.
When I push the OSA button, the foliage of the trees seem fried eggs! something wrong happens with alpha channels.

just how “low poly” are these trees?

These look very useful, great job!