Low poly trees?

Is there a plugin that generate low poly trees for v 2.5b?

I’m currently scripting one but it’s unfinished because I’ve encountered lots of bugs with mesh scripting in Blender. :frowning:
But you can try it out, it may still be of use even though it’s not 1-click yet.

I’ll explain basically how it works here:

  1. When you open it the script should auto-run unless you’ve disabled that. If you have then just click Run Script in the text block header.

  2. Now go Shift + A or open the add menu another way, go into Mesh, then Basemesh, then click Add Tree.

  • Might be quicker just to press Space to search and then typing ‘tre’.
  1. Press F6 to bring up the adjustment panel or use default tweak panel in the toolshelf to adjust the tree until you like it.

  2. Now that you have a nice tree trunk go into edit mode and select the faces that you want branches to grow from.

  3. While in edit mode repeat steps 2 and 3. Here is where all the crashes happen. :mad:

You need a pretty recent svn build, like from Graphicall: http://graphicall.org