Low Poly Truck

The Goal was a 2 hour model, wound up being a 3.5-4 hour model after I played around with Eevee and the Hair tool to make some grass and rocks.


The truck looks amazing, but the grass looks like it needs to be more flexible.
Over all it’s amazing!


Nice truck, Good art-style for a Game or, movie - -

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More flexible, like more bend in the blades? I was going for something stylized, but maybe I need to push it more to read that way. Thanks!

I keep thinking it would be fun seeing this guy doing some bouldering.

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Yea more bend in the blades.
I understand a stylized effect and it might just be me but the grass kinda looks like nails or something.

I had left it pretty sparse originally, but maybe with more it reads better with more. I also modified the base shapes. here. I made the grass with Hair, I probably should dive into that more too, if I can control the scale with a map, that may help. Love the input, thanks!

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Yea that definitely helped a lot.
Maybe that was the problem, because it seems to look fine now.
Nice Job!!

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