Low poly turtle.

this is my first low poly model in blender. (well it’s the second time i use it, but i already love it :D, hem, at least the current CVS with faces selection)
I know i must add some shadows on the legs and the neck, sharpen the texture of the ‘carapce’ (don’t know if this is an english word sorry…) and make a better transition between the head and the neck.


This is a viewport screenshot, I can’t figure how to make a descent rendering. Scanline is not (yet) my best friend, and yafray don’t want to render the texture. How must I configure yafray to accept UV maps ?

if your rendering y is it low poly?

press texfac button in metirals window for uv renders

i think that looks really great. are you using it in a game or something?

  • and yes carapace is an english word.

nope, it was just for fun, and figuring how UV unwrap works in blender.
Thx for the vocabulary tip :slight_smile:

Here is my problem. I have a correct rendering in blender, not in yafray.
I use yafray plugin, not xml, and there is only ray activated, no other strange options.

did you try the built in interface to render it in yafray?

yes. I just changed the ‘blender internal’ to ‘yafray’ and ‘xml’ or not doesn’t change a thing. But maybe yafray doesn’t support png ? it would be surprising…

I had this problem, and found the answer by reading the documentation:

(it only uses jpgs or targas.)

And yafray has different lighting levels to blender, so you need to play with the settings.