Low-poly Turtle

Heres a lowpoly turtle I’ve been working on for a while. I baked normals and textures down from a 2,500,000 poly sculpt made in blender 2.5. Then I rigged it and boom! :smiley: oh and its about 2,000 verts and faces

and heres the link to get it(its $20) http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/526993

tell me what you think! :smiley:

BTW, I’ll post the highpoly version once I get around to it.

I heard you talkin about this on the smc irc channel. Looks great!

thanks rvngizswt! oh yeah, I saw you on the IRC :slight_smile:

until fried hacked it and banned me

a quick render I did of the turtle: :slight_smile:

So you managed to bake from a 2.5 M poly model. This is an amazing model-render. Excellent!!!

great model, but you would sell it more on turbosquid if you post it in a variety of formats.

michalis: yep, it took a little while, but it worked fine.

phish: I would, but I want to keep the rig…I can’t really export it with the rig.

Excellent work Mokazon!

I would be interested in seeing a wireframe :yes:

edit: Never mind I found the wire on TurboSquid. Not that you would change this now, but the topology on the shell could be better. Using some polygon pattern rather than a random mess of tris and quads could also let you dent in the outlines of the plates of the shell which would greatly enhance your awesome normal map.

Robo3Dguy: thanks I’m glad you like it!!! The reason for the random mess is that I had a too highpoly shell(about 5,000 verts) so I just did decimate. I’m not sure how I could have shell patterns with staying low poly though…

This is the sort of pattern I was talking about.

Also, if using this pattern on the shell boosted your poly count too much, you could considerably reduce the poly count on the rest of the body. The amount of subdivision there is unnecessary.

These are just things to keep in mind for your future projects :yes: But still the turtle is very well done :slight_smile:


Robo3Dguy: good point…I’ll consider that on future projects :wink: thanks

the shell isn’t a blob anymore :slight_smile:

lol ya jeepster xD

I like the turtle a lot, but it oculd use better topology.
Maybe you should put a small rig demo?

Anyways, here’s a wire you can compare to, for future projects.

The shell is a static model. In this case a triangulated model works fine. Decimation may be a solution.

michalis: just what I thought, the stell is static, so it doesn’t need great topology

he’s cute, stretched textures a bit though.

SnoodBeAr: thanks! :smiley: You’re right, there’s a tiny bit of stretching but not much.