***Low Poly Vegetation Contest*** ( rules pg 2. )

Anyone up for some good old competiton? I’ll wait to make the rules until everyone who is going to be on board is on board. just leave some indicator if you are interested.
Subject will be whatever kind of plants you wish to model and each entrant will be allowed 3 entries. Not sure what the poly limit will be yet. probably around 500.

and how would they be judged?

a voting thread would be started. possibly with multiple catagories. like one for cacti and trees, one for herbs, bushes and weeds, and another for houseplants? sound ok?
<edit> i made this example, it has 481 polys. if anyone thinks the limit should be higher than 500 speak up.
<edit> and the winner will have the honor of being consumed by z3’s low poly sheep. no, but seriously, i thought, as a prize ( sorry cash is out of the question ) i could donate a CD of my textures at full resolution in png format, including some alpha mapped trees and stuff.

i think i’ll join in on this one. the limit should definitely not be above 500. what kind of time frame are we talking about?

i figure 2 weeks should be sufficient, once it starts.

Alpha UV mapping allowed ?
Or only low poly modelling (like the plant you posted)

alpha mapping allowed. keep in mind that it must be viewable from all angles though.
<edit> another thing: if you’re making a house plant, only count the polys on the plant itself, not on the pot, or basket, or whatever. also, same thing applies if you were doing a creeping vine on a column. only the polys on the vine would be counted.

hmm. i don’t know whether plant modelling is gonna inspire enough interest to have voting catagories…

modelling a plant… other contests like make a character have only seen about 15 people enter it.

lets be honest you’re making a game based in the woods and this is a good way to get plants :slight_smile: only kiddin…

good luck with it though


hey this sounds cool,

I’ll try it…i don’t know how good i’ll do

When does this start/end? And where should we send it?

More details…

How to count polys ? We have to have only one method for everybody ! :wink:

it will start soon, i just want to give people an opportunity to see it. about the catagories, we’ll do it this way: 1-15 entrants = only 1 catagory. any more, and we’ll implement catagories. as too the polys, the reading on the decimator will be the magic number.

any more entrants? ( sorry to bump ) i’ll give it another day or two and then we will start.

Not entering, but do you know where I could see some of these sheep?



I’ll enter, no idea what I’ll make yet
[most likely texturing will be my biggest hurdle]

This is a good idea but I don’t think you want so many plant categories. I might enter, but I’d rather enter a low-poly landscape modelling comp. Maybe one category for plant, one for landscapes?

Also is this going to be a one-off thing or a regular comp? Maybe you could choose 20-30 DIFFERENT categories and do one each week? :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)

nice sheep, I made a few a while back, cartoony style though, I’ll have to see if I can dig them up.

ok, I’m reverting to the single catagory mode. rules are:
1- each entrant may submit up to 3 models. anything goes including fungus.
2- each model must be no more than 500 polys as read on the decimator. other background objects and props, such as a pot or a table may be included, but people should vote on the plant itself, not the environment.
3- contest starts October 17 ( that’s today ) and goes until October 31st. ( that’s two weeks ). submissions are to be made to this thread.
4- After two weeks a voting thread shall be started, and voting will last for one week. The winner will recieve as bounty, a game texture CD made by myself.

so, let’s get started, and good luck to all!


[on that note I should probably be much further along texturing]



190 triangles [was too lazy to add more]
single 512x512 rgba texture [demonstrative of my finding of the eraser tool and like 20 seconds of playing in photoshop]
alpha sorting is good without using ztransp setting in material buttons

.blend: [200kb] … start the game engine to see the tree rotating with some simplistic lighting