Low Poly Warrior c+c plz

Low poly warrior, c n’ c por favor!

Note:boots are not done yet… duh!
also, notice the time on the bottom right hand of the screenie… 0=. I’m going to bed…

This is my first EVER finished low poly person that i am satisfied with!
I fallowed this tutorial: http://www.poopinmymouth.com/process/character_tutorial/character_process.htm
about halfway though it i kinda did the rest on my own.

You definitely need a higher-resolution texture. Everything is just a blur. The model looks pretty good though.

What is the poly count?

hm… he needs feet. also, his hips are poking out a little bit. His face is pretty flat, seems to be lacking a nose. but it’s lookin good. with a bit more work and texturing it’ll be great, and also what’s the polycount?

oops. srry, fergot…
687 verts
633 faces
yeah, it was a quick texture, i didnt wanna be up all night. I am almost done with my next char too, i will post him soon after i make some boots and yadda yadda.

WunderLust :
the modelling isn’ that bad “specially that it is one of your first ones”
but actually the texture needs to be remade .
regards :slight_smile: .

Ok, I hope this doesnt frustrate you, but look at the picture to see my suggestions. I think you did a GREAT job.:slight_smile:

Oh you dont see his eyes and nose because they are behind the shield.


Wow, since i have been at Blender Artists, you have been the kindest and most helpful, thanks itrx!