Low poly woman from the 1940's (Updated 9/30/04)


This is my first post in the Finished Projects area. I do not have a name for her yet. Any suggestions for a good 40’s name?

Now I need to work on my “Private Eye” character.

really looks good!

the robe is sweet :]

however you might want to fix the skin, no? there might be too much specularity.



Nice work.

how about Edith? Rosie? Ethel? Greta?

Brigid :smiley:

from Maltese Falcon

She looks more from the 50’s than the 40’s. :wink: I’d call her Donna Reed 2, Electric Boogaloo. :wink:

that is really nice - about time someone created a real “lady” not some unrealistically hot “thang”! i like it alot. keep it up - make for a nice 3d interactive person showcasing something perhaps… call her suzy or something… less spec on the skin too!



I wholeheartedly agree about the normal, everyday woman being modelled instead of the scantily-clad, curvy hotty type model.

hey you could always just slip the robe off for a few shots couldn’t ya LOL.

i love the good old hourglass figure, now of this modern day no ass look LOL.


Definitely a “Rita” – really captures what you were trying to do well :smiley: :smiley:


Thank you! I understand why most of the woman in games are the “hotty” type. When I was working on her figure, I was often tempted to transform her into a super “hotty” model.

Thanks everyone for the name ideas and the comments and crits.

Joan… hum, naa!


Excellent work, I love the style, the figure, and the lovely dress texture, too :slight_smile:

Nice to see someone modeling a person that isn’t “perfect.” And, even if it’s not “perfect,” it can still look great!

It has a very good “flat” look (not entirely sure how else to describe it), but I agree with Dani’s and Prince’s specularity comment; a bit too much of it, namely on the face.

Looking forward to seeing more work from you.


Okay, I have reduced the highlights on her face. What do you think? Thanks for the kind comments everyone. :smiley:

I am going to model a low ploy male next, then some more females.

Making a black and white game? Should be interesting, I’ve never heard of anyone trying that before.

Much better. Very good work.

If you want to acheive a true 40’s look, you should add a stocks (with a back seam) texture to the legs.

No women in this era would be caught with bare legs. In the USA when war restrictions were making stocks unavailable, they even sold a paint to simulate !

I think this lady looks very nice. What are your intentions with her? :wink: lol.


I decided to make a version of her in “techno-color”. Note I have added stockings (they are hard to see).

Here is a WIP (I know wrong forum :wink: ) of her automobile.


What are my intentions with her? My intention is for her to be one of many characters in my 3D world of yesterday(year). I aspire to create a game, but I may use the models for an animation or still renderings.

Thank you for the comments and crits.

I like that car a lot, so far. :wink: It definitely embodies the automobiles of the 50s. I can’t wait to see more.