Low poly woman *nude*

i finally tried something more realistic (it’s not a cartoony one XD) and this is the start of her ^^
Normal : 4573 Faces

Sub: 18436

This is an okay start, are you using a specific reference? If you are going for realism you really need some good reference of front and side to make sure proportions are correct. She is missing a belly button.

Some things can be ‘hidden’ by clothing but overall proportions shine through so make sure to get them bang on.

Interesting ;)…

The proportions do need some tweaking, & references are the best way to get them perfect ;)…
There’s this really good site called “The Blueprints”, with a lot of useful references, check it out ;)…

real or cartoonish?

I need to know how your camera was set up in this image - it looks like a 25mm or less because you have a high shot, looking down, and here head is very large and here legs are very squat. If this is not due to perspective - then that iswhat you need to fix - her head should be smaller proportional to her body, and her legs should be longer