Low poly womans head (updated 9/15/04)


Simple low poly head. Working on a 1940’s hair style. Hair will be textured.

well she does have that 40s look! very well done! Now, the colors! :]


nice style! Really good those 40’s posters. I think the hair/forehead transition isn’t right. It looks as if the hair starts at the back. Maybe it’s also because in the top part, where the hair meets the forehead, it’s completely white. So no shading. Other than that, good work!

In my opinion, the nostrils are too big.
No further comments.

Thanks guys for the comments. I have added a hair texture.


Wow! That hair is looking really nice and really 40s-like. Keep it up…


Look Mum no hands…um no legs…well I am working on it.

Way to go erich, keep this style going. Hope to see more of this.