low poly ZOMBIE

so this is my first try at uv mapping and the first time I model an entire body.I got difficulty to model arms so I decided to do 2 cutted arms :wink:
so please says any C&C because it will be VERY appreciated. and I want to do an armature but I dont know how many bonse I should use and where to place them…

are those pants? if yes, than make it in a more clear color…
the fact that their hands are pointing to the sides makes it a little stupid…i think that if you’ll improve it, this could be something good

ok, but the zombie is in this position only to facilite me the job when i will put the armature… but I need tips to help me to do the armature… can anyone help me please!?

The seam of the pants is too blured, which means you need to increase the sharpness at the top of the pants. Do this by increasing the resolution of your texture a lot. Even better would be to make the legs seperate from the body and make them look like pants by modelling a belt or something. Then you can join the pants back to the body.

Also, have his arms been cut off? because they look very short.

You’re doing good so far, keep working on it.

I think since he’s going for low-poly and uv-mapping he should try texturing jeans rather than modelling. (he could use bump-mapping even).

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yeah his arms are cut off! and for the jeans, I will not model any belt or something like that because it will add some polygons… but I really need help for the pants here I try somthing else,


but it is more ugly than before :< !!! I take the jeans texture from a pic of me but like you see, it does not work well… help me please!!! how can I do a beautiffulll and awesome jeans texture for my zombie!?!