Low poly??

Hi, I know the difference of low and high poly. I was just wondering, how do you make your model low poly and how do you make yours high poly? Are there specific requirements or something?

More geometry!

So you have to keep in mind to keep things simple? You don’t export to like a different format?

The only difference between low poly and high poly is the polycount. The low poly count is low. And the high poly count is high. This has nothing to do with file formats.

What you use where depends of what you want to do. A low poly model is usually used in games. Here you care about that the model is as low poly as possible to keep the performance up. For animation you usually also use a model with fewer polygons. Makes rigging easier, and the performance is better while animating it. High poly stuff is used in stills mostly. Or to bake details into a normalmap for a low polygon game model.

Okay, but to what level of extent of details is it to be considered low poly? And for animations if you have your character and you were to make a game, do you make the animation in blender or in the game development software?

if the game engine has animation tools sure, and blender can do it. Up to you.

Low poly is sort of a personal term, used differently depending on the project goal.
Most modern game chacters are anywhere from 100 to 20,000+ verts and they can still be considered low poly.

Usually game characters are called low poly. Which isn’t exactly fitting anymore nowadays. Since a game character can easily go up to 50.000 tris or more nowadays. And micro tesselation can produce terrains with megapoly count.

A better division may be how the graphics is made. When you do all the detail by geometry then you end in a high poly mesh automatically. When you do the details by diffuse and normalmap then you usually end in a low poly mesh.

Oh I see, so its about how you make the characters and the details? Thanks guys. If I were to create the animation for another game engine like Unity, so I export it to obj? or do I have to export each animation like for walking, crouching etc? Do I have to rig it?