Low polycount attempt - Oswig, Champion of the Dark.

Hi guys and gals.
Long time, no thread…

Anyway, this is my first attempt at lowpoly organic modeling. It doesn’t seem too difficult coming from subsurf modelling, there’s just a few dirty tricks and preconceptions you have to check at the door, I find.
This guy is to be the protagonist in a game entitled “Anachronism: [insert subtitle here].”

The concept sketch:

A prerender. Sorry, all vertices are set smooth:
http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v64/fudje/Anachronism/th_Oswig.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v64/fudje/Anachronism/th_Osback.jpg

And a wireframe. Current Vertex/Face count is 780/766. Sounds a bit high, but this is, after all, what’s going to be in centre screen most of the time :cool::

Left to do on this model: Make the boots, try even harder to make his head look less like Steven Seagal’s (any ideas?), apply the mirror modifier, model the assymetrical bits, unwrap the UVs, draw textures, and do some multires normal mapping. Not to mention doing something about that damned ear.

The game Anachronism: (I’m tossing up between “Champion of Darkness,” “Balance of Shadows,” “Kingdom of Darkness,” and “Return of the Night Protectors”) is to be an Action/Adventure RPG in the style of the Legend of Zelda games but with a more adult plot (and of course being multiplatform instead of for Nintendo). The basic idea is that after years of mutual peace and protection, the people who lived in the light created an eternal day by trapping the natural night, forcing the dark ones underground where they are not blind, but as a new enemy approaches that feeds on the souls of men, a champion of darkness (This guy, currently “Óswig” or “Osvaldr,” this may change). “Anachronism” because there will be a lot of mixing of time periods in a fantasy universe – largely meaning modern styles of clothing and technological benefits in a mega-mix of Mediæval and Renaissance environment. For example, our protagonist is a swordfighter wearing a platemail shield on one arm, jeans, and Redback-like boots. Other interesting features will include weredragons and hoverstones (which cover everything from personal to mass transportation).

Comments and criticisms, if you please!

Also, anyone who likes the idea of the game and wants to help is welcome to… well, PM me for now, because that’s not what this thread is for, and actual development on the game is a way off, pending me getting a real job, or alternatively raising some capital and starting a games company. You should also be aware that I don’t plan to use blender’s game engine. Nothing against it, I just can’t deal in Python for more than 30 seconds at a time before I feel the need to vomit, and the shaders don’t seem to like me.

Looks great so far, during my low poly attempts, i noticed it’s hard to find reference pics for low poly models, and there aren’t many tuts out there either. At CG talk though, you can occasionally glimpse a low poly wire, so I checked out a couple of those. Good to see you back, looking forward to seeing your game.

Haven’t been able to do much since the last post, but have made some changes - namely modelled the boots and fixed some geometry in the hands.

Prerender views, front and back:

Wireframe (Vertex/Face count now up to 908/910):

Last chance to crit. before I apply the mirror modifier and start making asymmetric changes!

Just thought I’d mention that your face count would be double your current estimate. If you are talking face count in low poly meshes you are usually speaking about triangles. Try ctrl-T to see where you are at.