Low polygon cute figure


I am trying to model a low polygon cute figure. Based on a picture.

I want to model the hair in solid way but I found that it is quite hard for me to shape the hair.
Then I try using particle/hair. I faced another problem that the render edge is visible even they should be covered by the hair. Anyone get any idea to fix this problem please?

Here is another 2 screenshots that I try to model the hair but failed.

And here is the picture that my model based on.

This is my first time to create a mini figure in blender. I really love this type of figure and want to make it live in my blender. Thank you very much for any advice and help.

it needes a mouth
or is it the triangle

I planned to use texture to display the mouth and eye.
It make it simpler and make my workflow simpler because I’m a one man team to code the game and draw the graphic (inc this model).

Thank you very much for your advice through, :slight_smile:

Is there any way to make the hair better? Like model a solid one.
I know people often duplicate the head and extrude it to model. However, any tips or tricks for this method? May be I am newbie but I tried 3 nights and still failed to model the hair style in the picture.

Here is another updated screenshot.
I just finish the rig and IK constraint.


this is so cute :slight_smile: i think i like the non spikey hair better :confused: just set it to smooth :spin:

I agree with Marwin. The non-spikey hair is best. Looks like dreadlocks(my fav hairstyle). Very nice and very cute character.
Do you have subsurf modifier on? If you do take it off. You cannot use it in the game engine(you are making a game right?).

Thank you very much for all these advice.

I still face a problem now that the thick black edge of the head is visible even the hair should covered it. Is there any setting to fix this problem?

@Lilgrudgeboy Yes, I am planning to use the graphic in game. But instead of a 3d game engine. I planned to output the animation in isometric orthographic view and png transparency. and construct a sprite sheet for the game.

Oh okay. Well I guess in that case do what ever you want =P.

“I know people often duplicate the head and extrude it to model. However, any tips or tricks for this method?”

By this do you mean you’re having problems extruding the neck into the body? If you do mean that I say keep it the way it is. Gives it more of a cartoony feel.

For “I know people often duplicate the head and extrude it to model. However, any tips or tricks for this method?”
I means the hair model method i used in this:

But never mind, I now prefer to use the hair/particle for the hair part. And here is a image to show my problem. Thank you very much for all of the helps. :o


@Lilgrudgeboy: Yup, render in flat images let me get rid of the triangle mesh, bone naming… problems in 3d game engine.

hi cute one for sure, it remind me of my cute shaolan figur ^^

i like the body but i have a problem with the hair, i think it doesn’t fit the stil and it isn’t very low poly:confused:

i would model solid hair like you tried, but try it that way i’ve shown in the picture, it really works i made my characters hair that way to, here can you see my result:

about the mouth and eyes: why don’t you model them and use a black shader?


@BlackCat Thank you for the advice and The Rurushu is really great!

I just try to use Path to outline the hair and make it mesh with faces.
I found it is quite handful but I still need to get more practice on this method. The back of the hair is just strange.

For the mouth and eye. I planned to have different cute emotion like >_< =.= @ . @ . It may become less flexible on the emotion if I model it.

Thank you again for all people here. The advices are really helpful.


it looks better now :wink: try using more “layers” of hair at the back … just make a kinda ring of hair at the buttom of the head … copy it and skale it(bigger) and move it up… continue to the middle of the head then skale it to make the ring smaler :rolleyes: i hope this was clear

ah… ok then use a texture :rolleyes:

Rurushu dewa arimasen. onamae wa Yoru Shou-san desu.
That isn’t Lelouch. His name is Shou Yoru. ^^
Shou is going to be the hero of my online rpg i’m developing… and he’s kinda poor because he had to change his look so often :spin:
But i used some characters for reference and Lelouch was one of them … like Kamui (X/1999) and Zero (Vampire Knight) ^^" so the look a bit alike … i love the eyes which clamp is making. :o

i see what you means. Really looking forward to your online rpg game. Which engine you used on it? I made a MMO game for my company that used flash and socket server.

I will improve the model later and upload the image here.
Thank you very much.

Nice job, I look forward to seeing how this turns out, and good job on the hair, it looks really great.

wow, than you have to be much better than me :wink:
i’ll make it with php, flash and xml depending on a mysql database
this is a small demo: http://animeschatten.net/map1.html Shou has stil his old hair :o

if you want some help with the hair :wink: just ask me

You CAN youse the sub-surfe modifire in blender the key is to APPLY it before you run your game. haha i started off in gameing came near pro with game engine and now im makeing artwork.