Low Polygon Window and Door holes

Hi, Im using blender to develope Direct3d games and need to know what is the best way to create window and door holes in rooms. When I use boolean I get many unneeded triangles. Is there any way to get rid of these. I read about the Mesh Decimator in the Blender userguide but I dont see this tool in my Blender edit screen (V. 2.33a). I also tried making the windows myself by editing verticies but it is too tedious and time consuming. Can someone please tell me how to use Mesh Decimator in 2.33 or another easy way to make window and door holes in walls.


make a door shaped rectangle with no front or back faces, only sides, then select all vertces, extrude, S plus MiddleMouseButton to scale in one direction, then the other. there is a more in depth explanation of this type of extrusion technique in the modelling thread in my signature.

plan your mesh in advance and use grid - so you’ll cut faces where needed and preserve vertical/horizontal structure.

other way, is select all the points of the object, subdivide, select the points where the window or door will stand, and erase.

well he said it was for a game, so i assumed he wanted it as low poly as possible.