Low samples high quality??

I recently wathed a video on Youtube wich had pretty decent quality. The guy hwo made it wrote that it was only 150 samples at the most. Is there a good way to get good quality with that low amount of samples in Cyles??
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Here is the video!

How??? Is it material preset or render?

Its a render

Video’s owner sent me this link.

oh shucks people talkin bout me
the trick is the bounces
this scene has 2
bounces are good for indoor scenes that have lights coming in through the windows
outside scenes can get by with less
but things you can see through like glass , translucent and refraction need at least 3 bounces to look decent

if you are on cpu… non progressive helps a lot

Sure? why not)))

LordOdin show me your presets, cause I can’t understand either my PC so slow that I don’t see any speed up or I do something wrong.

this is the exact file i was working on
cpu is always slow but it speeds it up a little its not going to fly like on a gpu
the frames were 13 seconds a frame at its lowest and 1 min at its max on 2 gpus

Cool, Show us. Please!

lol i dont know what you want me to show you
be a little more specific XD

Now I see, Thanks for video.

no problem :3

Thanks for answering!!!