Low To High Poly For Bake

How do i go about creating a high poly mesh from a low poly mesh, in order to get a good normal bake?

I tried to create a high poly mesh from the low poly, by adding a subdivision surface modifier to a duplicate of the low poly mesh (creating a higher poly mesh), but i’m getting a “wavy” texture. The mesh is also wavy.
2020-03-20 17_15_12
(ignore the overlapping artifacts - i can fix those with ray distance)

here’s a before and after of the subdivider applied to the mesh:
2020-03-20 17_43_15
2020-03-20 17_43_49

Turned on Smooth Shading, faces are triangles, what’s happening to the mesh?

Are these overlaps of the mesh in edit mode the problem? What are these?
2020-03-20 17_47_29

Normally, you’d be making a low poly out of a high poly, not the other way around.

Here, the main issue is that your mesh is triangulated, and subsurf doesn’t work great on triangles. It works great on quads.

You may also have some custom normals on your “low poly”. I’m not sure how subsurfing + baking is going to interact with those, but you probably don’t want to be using them. In properties/object data/geometry, click clear custom split normals.

awesome. thanks for that. it was the triangulated faces that where causing the issue, but i’ll pay attention to the object data as well.

also, i see now that the last image i posted was a result of the subsurf, not an issues or anything.

thanks again, @bandages

Bonus tip: use Alt+J to convert tris to quads :+1: