Lower color quality?

Hello, so for a while ago, i used a server for rendering, but the renders was awefull cause the image quality was so bad, and i thought it was cause the server where unable to render images with blender. however, by saving the image, and opening it on another computer, the quality turned out just fine.

im kinda experiencing the same now at home, and i noticed this randomly…
basically, i would like you to download this image, and tell me if you see just a smooth grayscale, or if you see several rings.

With just 30 distinct levels of gray, and my crappy monitor, I’d expect to see banding. Anyway, to lessen its effects, increase Dither on Render Properties > Postprocessing.

The only way to know for sure is to measure the pixel-values. You can actually do that in Blender.

yeah but the amount of colors being displayed depends on the monitor, i was just wondering if other people saw the same rings as i did. or if i messed up the settings somehow.

When I said 30 distinct shades of gray (no pun intended), I meant counted shades. Like, there’s only values 60-80 on the range 0-255. Inevitably, there’s going to be some banding.

As you said, a crappy monitor will make bands appear anywhere but, if quality is a concern, save the images in PNG16 (or EXR, or any format that allows more than 8 bits per component), and enable dithering. The monitor will still show whatever it wants, but the data will be there nonetheless.

And yes, at least in my monitor, the rings are apparent.