lowering memory

Hi all:

I’ve got a question on memory management. I’ve got a big scene with lots of different elements. Now I want to add a ship with a considerable number of vertex. This ship is not going to be modified, just translated over the scene, so I dont need to see its shape on the scene.

Is there a way to convert this ship into a box (the same as it happens when you set BOUNDING BOX) so it doesnt consume so much memory on the screen? Acutally I want exactly the effect of BOUNDING BOX but just for the boat, not for all the elements on the scene. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


Select the ship, go to Object Buttons (F7) and select Bounds for the Drawtype. However, I’m not sure if this will actually reduce the amount of memory used, but it will reduce the time it takes to draw the viewports.

if you want blender to respnd faster put the ship on anothere layer
and turn it on only when you need so the active layers are the only one blender will play with

and blender espond faster that way but don’t think this will change the memory per say


I’m not sure either of what happens when doing this, but it seems that the result is what I was expecting, the management of elements in the screen goes much faster this way!!!

Objects in the viewports are rendered as min(viewport drawtype, object drawtype).

By default the object drawtype is shaded, so,
・viewport shaded + object shaded = shaded
・viewport wireframe + object shaded = wireframe

By changing the object drawtype to bounds, you limit how that object is drawn:
・viewport shaded + object bounds = bounds
・viewport wireframe + object bounds = bounds
The other objects still have shaded drawtypes, so are drawn normally.

Glad to be of help. :slight_smile: