Lowering Poly Count in Terragen or after importing?

I was wondering if anyone knows how to lower the poly count of Terragen rendered terrain. The poly count is a shocking million or so :eek: This is certainly not what I need in game design.

If anyone knows how to lower the poly count of exported terrain from Terragen or how to lower it before export please let me know. :smiley:


Once the geometry is imported into blender, use a decimate modifier. This will lower the poly count while attempting to keep the shape of the mesh. Since it’s a modifier, you don’t have to make the results permanent until you are sure it’s what you want. A slider controls the decimation amount in real-time.

Thanks so much, it works wonderfully. :cool:

Here’s some pics of what I did with it:
Export as LWO from Terragen…
Use decimator…
Import into Zmod and export as PRM…
Loaded into the game…

Sweet. :smiley: