Lowlight panorama photo


How is it possible to make night panorama hdri only in moon and starlight.
Especially when there are moving objects like waves.

If wind is constant speed and direction, can u predict correct time when another wave is in same position?

Could you have multiple cameras take the shot at the same time with different exposures. If the shot is wide enough (not much in the foreground) then you should be able to morph them to gether quite well.

Good idea.

I wonder if some low price crop sensor dslr’s are good enough for that (not so noisy @ hi iso)

Kit lense 18-55mm has max angle of view W 66° 30’ / H 47° 24’

To cover W 360° i need 6 cameras, and for H i need 4 cameras: total 24 cameras.

:no: , it’s gonna be too expensive, or i can use ~6 cameras for moving scene parts.

Maybe some day :yes:

Found an photo (not mine) from Flickr, made with Nikon D3000.

Pretty much noise. What camera is good for shooting semi fast action in night?
Is there such camera that can see like human eye in dark (all the nice black tones)?

canon mk1d INSANE ISO! Also suggest shooting super wide angle glass (hire it), maybe an extreme fish eye?

Hiring a fisheye or other superwide lens is a good idea. Then crop out your pano. Use a tripod (duh).

If hiring or buying a good camera isn’t an option, you might consider using the “continuous” feature on a camera to capture a bunch of shots from several angles (again, use a tripod), that might allow you to mix and match into an image that would work. Alternately, use a long exposure and let the wave action give you a smooth surface. Expose a separate shot from each viewpoint for the moon - to get the detail in the moon you need to expose like it’s high daylight, after all that’s what it is up there. Override the metering however you can, something like 1/250 at f11 should be about right. Good luck.