Lowpoly Cars

I made big collection of lowpoly cars. They are good for games and renders (even for first plan)
You can see it (not all) on polish cg site…sory but I don’t know when I will share it, please be patient :):):)…first I must use it for my commerial work :slight_smile:

here is my oficial blender gallery with my all 3d works :):slight_smile:

CARS LOWPOLY all < 700 faces
here is my post on CG polish site forum:

and post about LP cars on blender.pl site

and here is an example with my lp cars :slight_smile:
what is LP here ?:slight_smile:

…why daewoo espero here? because this is my family car :):):):)…heh


So all that stuff is yours? If so, Hot damn, you need to be working for a proper gaming studio.

It’s all so good.

Wow! Incredible work! I couldn’t make someething like that with 15000 polys :smiley:

gucias: you’re low-poly car is awesome. Wonderful work. I hope your commercial work is very successful. Just one request: post your RoboSuzanne image here in Finished Projects.

hehe Orinoco - I don’t know if I can? RoboSuzanne is my historic work when blender was 2.36 :):slight_smile: …but always you can put it on your desktop :):slight_smile: heh;)