lowpoly character - armoured trooper

This is actually my first serious 3d work. I got skills in traditional sculpting - clay, gyps or plaster, bronze. I am making this as an exercise to practice my organical and mechanical modeling.

this is geometry for generating normalmap. i’ll make lowpoly model after i finish this hipoly.







Awesome work so far! . . . can’t wait to see the finished models. The topology looks good, especially on the head. The shape and details of the hand are great . . . nice ‘kung fu action grip’, too! :slight_smile:

You’re using the sculpt tools for the organic stuff, right?


yes for organic parts i used sculpt tool so far. I’ll do it for clothes also , bet i donno yet about metal parts - armor …

Totaly awesome.

Love it :yes:

Looks incredible. (This makes me really want to learn the sculpt tool!!!)
One point of criticism, the waist looks like it sits a little low. Just something that stood out in my mind. You could keep it how it is and I would still think it looks incredible, so don’t think that you have to change it just because I said so.

Awesome work so far. I have to agree with CutRock though. The waist does sit low and makes the abdomen look fairly long. A bit of tweeking on that and this would be even better. It’s already better than I can do at the moment though, so fair play to you martinsh.

thank you!
CutRock, you’re right, thank you.
I detailed legs a bit. Now i continue with detailing each object separately

detailing armor and sculpting clothes…


Amazing, it’s really beautiful.

Very Doom3 like ; )

Looks great man- two thumbs up.

This is really turning out great. I think you could give the elbow area a touch more detail. I’ve never seen any one do it but I’d model the eye lids close so that they could be normal mapped in the shut position. Then I’d do the eyeball separate. If you don’t mind,and you get the normal mapping process down, could you share some of the tid bits. I’ve yet to get something to that point so I’ve got some concerns here and there.

He needs a gun, a really really big gun. Awesome stuff, is he for GE. Cool anyway, keep goin.

making this at spare time… that i don’t have much.
Anyway, hipoly is almost done, it needs a bit tweaking. Baking parts ill do with Modo. Ive done some normalmap tests for head and arms and it looks great. Ill post some normalmapped results later.

Awsome job! My only crit is that his boots look a little small, for his feet. Otherwise amazing.

Yeah . . . it wasn’t as noticeable on the un-subsurfed version. Smoothing the mesh made the ‘feet’ too short.

This looks about to leap of the screen. Awesome job!

Wow thats amazingly good man. Love the style. turn on OSA though. You neeeed OSA mesmerizing voice keep it up

you’re amazing dude! i like the detail in the armour. and i also vote for gun! :smiley: can’t wait to see the final result

WOOOWW !!! looks great :slight_smile:

thank you for crits guys. I will scale low poly feet after baking. and ill make weapon for him after finishing character