Lowpoly character (halo stile?!)

woah so now that i have had a good rest from graphix ive desided to continue one of my old projects ^^ and well i need to texture a character ( me wants me mommy! :frowning: )

C&C please

Whoa dude- no offense, but your proportions are WAY off. Even if the guy is wearing a suit like Master Chief, the body should be somewhat proportional.

His arms are way too long, the ‘muscle’ structure is off, and his legs seem wonky. I’d suggest googling some images on the human body, and then basing your model off of those.

yeah i know bout the body… used someones concept i found from the web and modelt, that was a few months ago and i was damn lazy and more noobish, besides on the moment its texturing i want to get better at, so what to you think of the texturing?