LowPoly Dragon - Krovah

Some modifications have been added since this image. Such as a more smooth neck and head connection.

Please feel free to comment.


Looks cool.

I think you might have some flipped normals. Try going into Edit Mode on the body or legs, selecting [a]ll, then hitting [Ctrl+N]. I bet those funky seams will go away.

Also, you might want to work on joining the legs to the body. I know it can be a real challenge, but it is for your model’s best interest.


Thank you! And you were correct, when I went into edit mode and hit Ctrl+N it fixed a bunch. My issue was is that I built it all piece by piece and none of it really smoothed together. I am working on joining most of it so it will all flow. I appreciate your advice!

Frankly, I don’t find that to be very good way to model something organic. It may work for teeth and claws and eyeballs and that sort of stuff, but the main body of the creature shouldn’t be composed of many different meshes, at least until you connect it to the main body. I find that modeling the limbs by extruding works best. I think it’s a pretty cool lowpoly model, it just needs to be connected all together.

The thing that prevents your Dragon from looking organic is due to a combination of not having enough polygons to make it look round and the fact you ‘built’ it piece by piece instead of modeling it as a single mesh.

That strategy would’ve been a good thing if you intended it to be like an articulated toy, but not if you were intending it as a live creature.