Lowpoly: Elf

I fininshed the modeling and Rigging w/ weight painting. Now onto textures… What do you think?


->Bigger Version<-

My Concept:

UnPosed Wires:

very nice. i love the low-polyism

:slight_smile: Thanks just to let you know my elf ain’t very nice…


very nicely done

i would love to texture somthing like this
any chance of posting the blend file

if not thats cool, keep up the great work

hey excelent, I LOVE the model style… excelent…

But I don’t thinks (at the moment, it can be change case what you want to do), so I thinks thas texturing is not really original…
Hmmmm but I can be wrong…

But I thinks your work is excelent, bood luck :wink: :Z


I will be making a few other models and it will be all open for download when I finish the Chrismas Constest in the Game Engine Forum.

i look forward to it

yep, me too. :slight_smile:

“im only happy when it rains” garbage is so cool :smiley: and the work is totaly great, kinda the dark part of cristmas alla nightmare before cristmas :smiley:
will it be a downable game?

hey I saw your gallery, very excelent low poly works…

But are you realy sure of the poly counter of blender…
For little boy, I thinks it’s more triangles on reality… Blender must count ngones…
Try to connect all the point and recount :wink:

I don’t tell this to bowring you or to enter on (my poly is greater than yours… discussion…) no no it’s not my intention…
But I’m surprise by the tri count :wink: that’s all… :wink: :Z

All Tris counts are correct. I triangulate all meshes for the count. But also teh decimeter tells you how many triangles you have.