Lowpoly Female

Its been a while since my last wip…

its is gonna be one of my more higher lowpoly models.

There is a lot of color correction I still need todo with the face and neck (the nose is really F*$% up), there will be more poly added to the tummy line to proper animation…and she is having really short hair!

That looks really nice :slight_smile: What method do you use? :slight_smile:

I like it :slight_smile:
Maybe her hairs are too short

and she is having really short hair!

just looking at the texture of the head, it feels more like a young lad then a woman.
i can’t really pinpoint what it is either, but it shows more in the profile so perhaps it’s the cheeks or something.

great work sofar!
much better then what i can do.
lowpoly is harder then people think :slight_smile:

It’s really nice work so far.

Maybe there’s too much skin on the back of her neck (the hair part doesn’t go enough low imho, even for very short hair) and the top of her chest could have less polys.

The “nose/profile” problem is in the cheekbone–nostril area.

Widen the nostrils a little (you can best see this front and 3/4 views)

The shape under the eye is great, but the cheekbone doesn’t protrude at all (and it should). In 3/4 view, if you move the cursor left to her right cheekbone you’ll see that it’s concave when it should be convex.

The same for the area between the eye and the nostril. It should protrude more (there should be bone and muscle under that point). This is best evidenced in the side view, where there’s a direct line from eye to nostril. Again, under the eye is OK (there’s a slight shadow on the cheek under the eye - that’s ok) but below needs to, er, puff or protrude somewhat. This is a hard part because it’s not something you can see a direct profile of.

At the moment, the most forward prominence is at the cheek along the corners of the mouth, which is why it seems just a little off. Of course, different people have different physiologies.

Otherwise I’m impressed. It’s better than I can do.
Hope this helps.

BTW. I love the mouth.

as for the hair its not done yet ^_- but this is what I have planed:

Anyways Ill have a fixup plus some hair outline in like 2 hours ^_- I will do the fixes thats for the comments!

looks amazing man!
thats the girl from the photo of two girls you posted in the traditional forum isnt it
very good likeness, i recognized her right away (or maybe thats not her but looks great anyway)


I always enjoy your work. All of your characters seem to portray a sense of dignity and I can’t figure out what it is exactly about them that does it.