Lowpoly Fruit Still Life

Hi all this is my most recent work some healthy low vertex fruit. Enjoy, based on the painting by Peter Dee. Rendered in Cycles.

                                                           Here is the original painting :) 

Nice, but it lacks the key light.


Yeah I was not attempting to recreate the picture though, I was using it as a base to launch into the style from so it isn’t really the same in every where. But I agree that I should have a brighter light to the left. :slight_smile:

Here is an edited copy :slight_smile: A little brighter and more saturated.

even though u used flat shading, they look kinda nice
and overall, it’s close to the original painting

The flat shading is actually the style. :smiley: Google low poly art. Thanks! Yea I wanted them to look close but still be kind of unique. :slight_smile: