Lowpoly Game Development - Sketchbook

Woodsman’s Ax!

More info and updates at www.romanpapush.com

A wooden bucket model for a game. Not for holding water) Every plank is separated so that the model can be fully breakable.

Some fir trees…

Lovely models! Elegant and stylized. Will the trees have gibs on destruction as well?

Thanks dudecon, glad you liked 'em! No, to be honest I wasn’t planning on destroying the trees)) They’re too big of an object in the game’s scale for that.

Here’s an ingame apple :slight_smile:

Diggin’! Lowpoly tools to breath some life into the world.

Toastin’ another lowpoly asset…

Off-brand soda can?

Another small asset for the same and still untitled game… more @ http://romanpapush.com

your low poly objects look very good and the style they’re visualized with is very attractive. Keep it coming! :smiley:

Thank you, m_squared! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Pickup Truck

Good stuff! I’m jumping into Blender with similar interests, so it is nice seeing this kind of work with Blender.