Lowpoly Game Development - Sketchbook

(romanpapush) #1

Woodsman’s Ax!

More info and updates at www.romanpapush.com

(romanpapush) #2

A wooden bucket model for a game. Not for holding water) Every plank is separated so that the model can be fully breakable.

(romanpapush) #3

Some fir trees…

(dudecon) #4

Lovely models! Elegant and stylized. Will the trees have gibs on destruction as well?

(romanpapush) #5

Thanks dudecon, glad you liked 'em! No, to be honest I wasn’t planning on destroying the trees)) They’re too big of an object in the game’s scale for that.

(romanpapush) #6

Here’s an ingame apple :slight_smile:

(romanpapush) #7

Diggin’! Lowpoly tools to breath some life into the world.

(romanpapush) #8

Toastin’ another lowpoly asset…

(romanpapush) #9

Off-brand soda can?

Another small asset for the same and still untitled game… more @ http://romanpapush.com

(m_squared) #10

your low poly objects look very good and the style they’re visualized with is very attractive. Keep it coming! :smiley:

(romanpapush) #11

Thank you, m_squared! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

(romanpapush) #12

Pickup Truck

(bentzero) #13

Good stuff! I’m jumping into Blender with similar interests, so it is nice seeing this kind of work with Blender.