Lowpoly graphical assets for android app

Hi everyone,

as graphical assets for my first Android app, I did some low-poly images with Blender.
The app is a turn-based 2D racing game.
Currently the graphics itself are simple abstract squares and circles.
Only for the graphical assets in the playstore I created some models with Blender.

Here, you can see:

  • 3 trophies, for finishing on position 1, 2 or 3, respectively
  • a checkered flag, shown when the player finishes on position 4+
  • a crashed car, shown after the player crashes
  • the game logo in square format
  • the game logo in landscape format

I plan to include isometric 2D graphics in the game once the programming of the game logic is finalized. For this, I would need to create tile images of the floor/racetrack and of different cars in isometric view.

Anyone of you did isometric game graphics with Blender before and can share his/her knowledge?
This is still work in progress. Hopefully, I find time until summer to include some more advanced graphics.

I am open for comments and critiques!

You can check out the app here:

Note, it works only on Android 10+ because it uses the jetpack compose library that is still in alpha status!

If what you are shooting for throughout the game is “an angular look,” then all of these assets look really nice to me because all of them are angular, even when you would expect (e.g. “wheels” or “flags”) roundness. The car – which looks like it’s having a very bad day :slight_smile: – is very nice and creative.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I wanted to keep it simple and like this blocky look. When doing the pictures for the isometric tiles, I will probably have to scale everything down to a very small resolution. Minor details will be invisible then, anyway.