Lowpoly head

A head I made, because I needed some new piece to see if I’d gotten better at texturing. 912 polygons and takes up half to three-quarters of a 512^512.

I know the back of the head needs some more shading, and the eyes need to be less monotonous blue and less saturated, but I’d like to know if anyone has anything to add : )

(btw, I called it lowpoly in the title, because pretty much anything not-subsurfed is lowpoly on these forums : P)

(Warning, large image!)


Looks very good, but whats the funny thing under his left eye?

Very, very nice. Did you use Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, or Gimp?

Very nice! Looks exactly like my neighbor!

good job on the textures and modeling. I know it’s low poly, but it seems there’s a few triangles that could be eliminated. If you’re going to animate it, that could be important.

This is the BEST resource I’ve ever come across for learning to remove tris and edit topology. you gotta check it out.(if you haven’t already)

seems to be a tattoo slightly based on the eye of RA


cool head (and I like the tattoo :slight_smile: ), I’m about to go into a head-modelling project myself as soon as I find a suitable enought reference of my fav chef Alton Brown from the “Good Eat” TV show on Food Network channel.

Thanks all : )

@Cuby: It’s supposed to be a tattoo in the form of a tear, just something to break the genericness and really show that the face isn’t mirrored (as the rest is).

@Framedworld: I used Photoshop. Never got around to trying Gimp, maybe it’s worth a try.

@atm-matt: thanks!

@san_diego_james: As far as I understood, triangles don’t matter unless you subsurf or animate, as you say. The triangles near the ears and on the nose wouldn’t animate in any way, so I don’t think that’s a problem, but the brow might be. But since games always translate everything to triangles, it’s a bit hard to imagine it being necessary. Worth looking into, in any case.

@Radscientist: I actually based it off Dawn of War’s Eldar Warlock ( http://forums.relicnews.com/images/avatars/warlock35fl.jpg ), but without looking at it first. Looking back now, it seems that one is a complete copy of the Eye of Ra indeed.
Good luck with you own head! Remember that, crazy as it sounds, a metal texture on low opacity can do wonders to make skin more believable : )