Lowpoly in Love

Lowpoly. Flowers. Love.
All you need :slight_smile:

I don’t know why, but i like this pic. It happens not often that i like something i made. Because of that i show it here.
I was just playing around with old lowpoly flowers and nodes, never used nodes before, but now i’m going to love nodes :slight_smile:

[update 2nd June] I made a little animation based on this picture:


Thats nice, I like it.

Nice, but it seems kind of lowpoly, you can probably fix that by adding a subdivision surface modifier. Also you forgot to enable smooth shading, just press the spacebar to… nah just kidding :smiley: I love it, the colors are warm and the foresty environment is grasping^^

NOOO add no subsurf! it has an awsome paper / origami feel.
i think the reason it looks so good is down to the colours, and the style. trees look great :wink:
I think i would remove the heart, i find it a bit distracting and unnessecary :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes art is a image of an image in it’s simple form. I like it. Joe

I like it low poly too. I like the heart but it seems in the way, maybe lifting it higher towards the top of the image? Just an idea.

Yeah me too, I was just throwing a bad joke, definitely keep it as is. Moving the hearth up to the top is a good idea though, right now it may seem like the flowers are looking at it and that way it steals too much focus. I also notice that the heart is casting a shadow, you may want to disable that in the materials settings (disable traceable) while you’re at it. :slight_smile:

I like it, it’s simplistic but interesting. I agree that the heart needs to be higher, but the point of this seems to be that the flowers are in love, and focusing on that love, represented by the heart. I like that it seems to be the glowing center of attention. If you follow the lines of the flowers eyes though they are looking up at an angle and not at the heart, so putting it upwards in the scene where it catches their line of sight would be much more effective. Other than that minor critique, I’d say this is pretty nice. Good use of nodes.

I hope they use a low poly condom…

Yeah one without split verts :smiley:


Like the render, the colours give it good atmosphere :yes:

that really a very nice artwork…

Amazing is that You can make something so simple and so good looking at the same time! :wink: I really like it!

One thing You can somehow improve in my opinion is making edges on white flower white leaves less visible. But that might be only me.

Very interesting idea!

looks good, i like it

love it ;D, ot often you find somehting low poly that looks good :smiley: adding to my inspiration wall!

thanks guys :slight_smile:

A littlebit improved version, thx for the tips :slight_smile:


Holy crap. You took a little idea that was quite adorable, and made something amazing. Fantastic work.

Very well done, the style is very appealing, and the animation was well executed. I’m gonna keep this look in mind for a project in the future.

The only critique I had is that the heart in the animation just feels out of place with the style of the video. That’s pretty minor though, very nicely done.

I just love the atmosphere in the video (of course, amazing music helps), Animation looks fluid and has no visible mistakes. Having in mind the simplicity of the characters, you did great.

simplicity sometimes works best!
Well lighted also, you did a realy good job on that!

I couldn’t do better!

I do admire the cute imagines! They are pretty atractive to me! Good luck to you!